Connecting Europe and China

The China Desk is a business supporting agency in China for more than twenty years in the field of purchasing, quality controls, outsourcing and activities to bolster import/export for medium and small enterprises. (SME´s)
We play a consulting, supporting and guiding role in purchasing processes. Even if you have been active in China for some time, we can be of service, for example by optimizing existing purchasing processes and increase efficiency of your business.
Importing products safely from China is a complicated process, which always involves certain risks. It is therefore essential for companies and importers to be aware of these risks and, if possible, to keep them to a minimum.

The China Desk Europe China business connections

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You will not have any risky adventures because The China Desk has a team of professional managers with permanent presence in China.

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Product Quality

Are you struggling getting the right products, requested quality and preferred service level in China?


Guanxi is a Chinese term meaning relationships. In business, it is commonly referred to as networks or connections used to open doors for new business and facilitate deals. A person who has a lot of guanxi will be in a better position to generate business than someone who lacks it.


Control your business

You may confront various issues as your business expands in China, such as the entry of new competitors or issues with your copyrights, intellectual properties, patents and technical inventions.

Corona pandemic

Corona pandemic makes travelling to China difficult. TCD may represent your business and activities in China as a reliable partner.

Use Chinese to appeal the market

Some people are under the misconception that using English gains more respect from Chinese population. However, this is not typically the case.

Be patient

Companies that are ultimately successful in China may last for many years. However, these companies usually had to take time to establish their roots, adapt as the market changed and wait for the success to come.

Be flexible

The Chinese community is very flexible. Businesses are used to making rapid changes to appease their customers. Western societies may be more rigid, so more companies struggle with this factor.