The China Desk (TCD) provides technical and commercial support for purchasing and sales processes in China.

The China Desk (TCD) supports since 25 years European companies to do business in China in a lucrative and reliable ways. We mainly consult and support middle-sized enterprises (SMI’s)

TCD is active in following sectors:

  • Development and production of metal parts for industrial solutions. For example products for construction businesses; tripods, cable reels stands, clams, lamp stands, construction lights, whisks, scaffolding, etc..
  • Development and production of lighting products. For example, LED lighting armatures, LED spots, specific lighting for industrial solutions.
  • Development and production of electronic equipment and parts. For example product for battery testing equipment, thermal printing, etc..
  • Development and production of bicycle parts and electronic parts for electrical bicycles
  • Batteries and chargers. (Lithium-Ion technology)
  • Motors and parts for driving systems
  • Horticultural and agricultural products
  • Products for water management
  • Machineries and products for cleaning and disinfecting. (hand sanitizing) For example; machines and accessories for cleaning and disinfecting products
  • Domestic appliances. For example, equipment for humidification, de-humidification, fans, soap dispensers, air conditioning equipment
  • Photovoltaic equipment and/or solar panels
  • Tires for cars and specific mobility
  • Examples of products and drawings.

TCD is partnered with E-Plan Co. LTD and Mirai Lab. Inc. JAPAN for cleaning and disinfection project in Europe;


Alkaline ion water generator for cleaning and disinfection, free from skin irritation, environment friendly

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We are looking for partners in European Union and Switzerland to produce and distribute Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)