About us

The China Desk (TCD) is a business consulting agency with over 20 years of experience in providing technical and commercial support for sales and purchase processes, having assisted many companies to develop their business opportunities in China.

We are headquartered in Shanghai and Xi’An (China), assisting clients with product design, product development, production processes, quality control management, outsourcing and logistics. Our main sales offices for the European markets are in Italy and Switzerland. In the Netherlands we are partnered with permanent specialists who work to support TCD’s business activities.

Relationships between Europe and China

The relationship between European and Chinese enterprises started after cooperation of universities with student programs in China and The Netherlands. Universities were initiating exchange of knowledge and support of technical developments for companies both in Europe and China. 

In the early nineties TCD started to support import projects for Dutch companies. Products such as metal parts in semi-finished products and end products for industry, solar panels, wind energy equipment, LED lighting products, motor components, bicycle parts, bicycle frames, electronics and batteries were produced in China for European markets.

Reliability is one of TCD’s core keywords. We aim on trustful business relationships for longer term. The business facilities contain sourcing, import, export and outsourcing. Within these fields TCD offers large range of professional services who leads to perfect project development and continuing businesses.

TCD comprises Axatron S.r.l. in Milan Italy and Sino Longteam Tech. Business Co. Ltd. in Xi’An China. Alfatron B.V. and Antec B.V. which were before the year 2017 operating over twenty years in production of technical equipment are combined to Axatron in 2018. The centralization in Milan has arisen because larger projects are being developed from the Italian market for export of products and services to China.

Antec was the leading and first E-bike manufacturer in The Netherlands. Alfatron operated as producer of electronical equipment and data cables in the Netherlands for ten years. Both Antec and Alfatron started to create business contacts in China and Taiwan for development and production processes in early nineties.

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TCD´s service coverage starts from client project information collection, assistance in development processes, support in making correct product drawings, assistance in specific technical development, making quality instruction sheets, production instructions, packing and strict quality checking systems during and after production. Final delivery services for finished and semi-fineshed products from China are also offered by TCD. TCD’s office in China counts 15 employees specialized in different technical fields. With a “legal, public, and branch intelligence department” we can offer official consultancy to prepare contracts, formal business cases, agreements and registrations for approvals.
There is ample contact with local authorities for authorizations and official support.
During the business projects, our employees in China closely monitor the production process, which leave customers to no worries about product quality, project timing, risk of copying, packaging problems, etc.
As China is a huge market for products and services, TCD also assists companies in exporting to the Chinese market. Which rich business networks in China and deep knowledge about Chinese market, TCD creates networks and “chain businesses” in China by finding quality producers, distributors, sales branches for products and services. The Chinese culture and way of doing business is completely different compared to Western views.
TCD offers other facilities such as logistics, legal support, market reports, marketing assistance and business travel services. TCD also facilitates exhibition participations or fair visits for customers.
For more information, please take contact with us through our contact page.